Herreshoff Marine Museum and Ameerica's Cup Hall of Fame
Herreshoff Marine Museum America's Cup Hall of Fame
Herreshoff Marine Museum
America's Cup Hall of Fame
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Herreshoff Marine Museum/America's Cup Hall of Fame
One Burnside Street, P.O. Box 450
Bristol, Rhode Island 02809-0450

Phone: (401) 253-5000
Fax: (401) 253-6222
The museum monitors VHF Channel 68
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Bill Lynn, President & Executive Director w.lynn(at)herreshoff.org
Dana Coste, Director of Finance & Operations d.clough(at)herreshoff.org
Norene Rickson, Registrar, Librarian and Archivist n.rickson(at)herreshoff.org
Evelyn Ansel, Curatorial Associate e.ansel(at)herreshoff.org
John Cobb, Facilities Manager  
Kirk Cusic, Education & Waterfront Director k.cusic(at)herreshoff.org
Svetlana Cutler, Graphic Design and Marketing Associate s.cutler(at)herreshoff.org
Bonnie Kehoe, Bookkeeper b.kehoe(at)herreshoff.org
Tim Kelleher, Store & Visitor Experience Manager t.kelleher(at)herreshoff.org
John J. Palmieri, Curator Emeritus j.palmieri(at)herreshoff.org
Elsie Seber, Venue Manager e.seber(at)herreshoff.org
Elisabeth Swain, Director of Communications & Development e.swain(at)herreshoff.org

Board of Directors

David Ford, Chairman  
Robert D. Yaro, Vice Chair  
Lawrence D. Lavers, Treasurer  
Elisabeth Lavers, Secretary  

Robert A. Ayerle
Paul Burmeister
Nevin P. Carr
Thomas J. Culora
David Ford
Stephen Frary
Eric Hall
Halsey C. Herreshoff 
Halsey C. Herreshoff II
Geoffrey Hopper

George M. Isdale
Lawrence D. Lavers
Marshall Lawson
Maria Milot
David Piccerelli
John "Jay" Picotte
Gerald Rainer
Andrew T.Tyska
Robert D. Yaro

Advisory Board

Talbot Baker, Jr.
Geoffrey B. Davis
Mary L. Feeny
Jonathan Goff
Marcia L. Greiner
Dean M. Wood

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