Herreshoff Marine Museum and Ameerica's Cup Hall of Fame
Herreshoff Marine Museum

Proceedings 2010

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Papers Include:
Completion of CANGARDA
The Restoration of CORONET Phase III
The Restoration of Large, Composite Racing Yachts
S/V APSARA – The Ups and Downs of Cruising on a Classic Wooden Sailboat
The Restoration of the Skipjack LADY KATIE
The Herreshoff 15 is Alive and Well…
Speedboat Design and Development
Reviving the Herreshoff Newport 29 Class
The Restoration of NELLIE: A Nontraditional Approach to Project Management Yields a Beautiful Result
Choosing Wood for Yacht Building and Restoration
Restoration with Epoxy
The Restoration of the HMCo “New York 50” SPARTAN
Restoration of the Herreshoff Steam Launch #277 VAPOR

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