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Sail Tall Ships!

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Sail Tall Ships! A Directory of Sail Training and Adventure at Sea
by the American Sail Training Association

Published annually by the American Sail Training Association "Sail Tall Ships! A Directory of Sail Training and Adventure at Sea" is a comprehensive guide featuring hundreds of ASTA member tall ships and shore-based programs offering a diverse range of sail training opportunities throughout North America and around the globe. This 400-page soft-cover book includes photographs, specifications, program descriptions and contact info. A must for thoses planning their own adventure and for tall ship enthusiasts alike.

ASTA is a dynamic non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of sail training and educational opportunities under sail. Our mission is to encourage character building through sail training, promote sail training to the North American public, and support education under sail. Representing more that 250 American and international sailing vessels, ASTA has been in existence for more that 32 years and is the largest sail training association in the world. Our activities directly support youth education and leadership development programs that profoundly shape young people’s lives and help build tomorrow’s leaders. The essence of sail training is the incomparable experience of being part of a team working together to manage a large and complex sailing vessel under rigorous conditions. For many, the experience is life-changing and crucial to learning responsibility, self reliance, teamwork, social skills, respect for the marine environment, and much more. ASTA member vessels provide unique opportunities to study the marine arts and sciences, explore the vast global horizon, and make history come alive. Many of the world’s navies and marine agencies—including the U.S. Coast Guard—use sail training to build strong leadership skills. ASTA member vessels provide unique, firsthand opportunities to experience adventure under sail which can be a powerful way for young people to get to know themselves more fully.