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2016-2017 Lecture Series

The Herreshoff Marine Museum’s Annual Lecture Series brings the knowledge of established authors, sailors, and experts directly to the public. Learn from some of the best sailors, writers, historians, and accomplished individuals amongst historic Herreshoff Boats and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame. Tickets are availble online at herreshoff.org/store or at the door the day of the event.

The 2017 Herreshoff Lecture Series is Proudly Sponsored by: Points East Magazine, Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery, Nantucket VineyardGowrie Group, and Pure Insurance

Reception Begins at 6:00pm
Lecture Begins at 7:00pm

Tickets are $10 for Members and $18 for Non-Members
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"Cup Experiance: America's Cup Heats Up" Presented by Jack Griffin

Wednesday, May 3rd

America's Cup teams from five separate nations have been practicing on the Great Sound in Bermuda. Which teams are the fastest and why? What should we expect when Team New Zealand arrives in Bermuda? Jack Griffin will be providing the answers and insights into these races that the public rarely gets the chance to see. 

A leading authority on the America's Cup, Jack Griffin is an author, keynote speaker and journalist. Jack’s book "Turning the Tide" provides the definitive account of how Oracle Team USA mounted their comeback to defend the 2013 America's Cup in San Francisco. He is the Editor of Cup Experience, a unique newsletter and website dedicated to audience engagement for the America's Cup. Jack is a columnist for Seahorse and he has provided expert commentary for VIP guests at the last three America's Cup matches, with clear explanations of everything from yacht design and racing tactics to the history and intrigue that make the America's Cup possibly the most fascinating of all international sporting events.

Prior to establishing Cup Experience, Jack was Brand Manager for Alinghi, the Swiss defender of the America's Cup in 2007 and 2010. He was a commentator on board the Alinghi VIP spectator boat, led courses in leadership for sponsor guests at Alinghi Academy, was responsible for the Alinghi website and managed the fan club, Alinghi Friends.

Before becoming involved with the America's Cup, Jack worked for 25 years in marketing, sales, and general management for IT and high tech companies in the US and Europe. He was in the launch team for the Apple Macintosh in 1984 and has extensive experience with developing brand loyalty.

Based in Switzerland, he has a degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University and is fluent in German and French.

June 1st
"Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"
presented by Bob Anderson

Applying technology to improve our enjoyment and understanding of the waters we share for recreation and commerce has been a continual theme at Herreshoff Manufacturing and throughout the marine industry for centuries.  And so it continues with a the intersection of modern electronics, automated vehicle controls, GPS-aided navigation, specialized sensors and composite materials that improve our knowledge of the sea.  As a follow-on to a successful presentation last season by John Jackson of the Naval War College on the topic of Aeriel drones and their role in imagining our lands from the sky, Bob Anderson, co-founder of OceanServer Technology in nearby Fall River, will present an overview of the sub-sea corollary referred to an Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).  Specifically, the Iver3 AUV is a small, man-portable AUV system that OceanServer began marketing about 10 years ago for use in a variety of coastal applications such as imaging objects on the seafloor, confirming water depths and bathometric features, and monitoring the environmental and chemical characteristics of a water column.  Bob will present a brief overview of the technical elements of AUVs in general, and share some imagery and photos form recent field projects.

HMM member, local sailor and technology entrepreneur, Bob Anderson has the perfect job.  After a career at several Boston-areas computer manufacturers (including a successful small electronics start-up), Bob briefly retired in 2003 before joining a like-minded 'boater' with skills and interest in the emerging robotics and vehicle controls innovation emerging from US Navy, DARPA and NSF funded research.  They formed a company focused on cost reducing and commercializing available technical pieces into a small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for shallow water applications.  Fast forward thirteen years and over 300 'robots' later, the industry has evolved from a technical niche into a much broader market with growing public understanding and interest.

August 17th, 2017
"Tugboats Illustrated: History, Technology, Seamanship" presented by Paul Ferrell, author and illustrator
The story behind the story: 25 years of writing, drawing and assembling the story of tugs

 In TUGBOATS ILLUSTRATED, architect Paul Farrell— tugboat enthusiast and masterful artist—brings his passion to a volume that details every aspect of tugs and their work, from the little boom boats that corral riverborne logs near sawmills to the massive ocean salvage vessels that are often as big as the ships they tow.

Throughout this labor of love—which took a quarter century to complete—Farrell uses his own wonderful sketches and diagrams as well as historic and contemporary photographs, artistic renditions, unusual documentation, and detailed engineering diagrams to unveil the rare beauty of the tugboat and how the design and manufacture of these tough little vessels accompanied the rapid pace of shipbuilding all over the world. From the purpose-driven yet elegant physics of propeller design to the frustrating limits of early diesel engines, from the beloved children’s favorite Little Toot by Hardie Gramatky to the intricacies of a tow cable, TUGBOATS ILLUSTRATED’s text and images provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology and philosophy that drive these low-slung “floating engines.”

Farrell also investigates the many aspects of life on a tugboat, as well as the different shiphandling methods that have developed as captains and crews take on the varied challenges presented by luxury liners, tankers, vehicle carriers, barges, oil exploration rigs, and pretty much every other kind of boat afloat and seeking assistance when coming into or going out of the harbor. Farrell notes that “tugs are like no other vessels in sturdiness of construction, power in relation to size, and the boat-handling ability of their crews.”

The work of an insightful and creative observer, TUGBOATS ILLUSTRATED explores the emotional resonance of these waterfront workhorses, showing how the environment and the complex challenges tugs faced shaped the industrial development and the increasingly important role of the high-thrust, low-speed boats that prowl the world’s rivers, canals, and seaports to ensure that shipping flows smoothly. Part tribute, part catalog, part user’s guide, and part scrapbook, TUGBOATS ILLUSTRATED is a singular work of art, blending technology and design with history and human interest.

About the Author: Paul Farrell is an architect with a lifelong enthusiasm for tugboats and the working waterfront. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

September 21st, 2017
"The Halifax Explosion" presented by Greg Banner

In December 1917 a WWI ammunition ship blew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  This was the largest man-made explosion in human history prior to atomic  weapons.  The town was devastated and over 2000 people died.  Besides the Canadian response,  all of the New England states sent supplies and people to help with the relief effort.   Even in the middle of WWI contributions were sent in from all over the world.   Some Americans are aware of this event because of the gift of a Christmas tree sent every year to Boston from Nova Scotia in appreciation for their efforts.   With the 100th anniversary of this event coming up in December 2017,  a number of special commemorative events are planned.   This presentation will provide an overview of the events surrounding this accident, the impact on Halifax and some of the response efforts to help out the city.  
Greg Banner is a member of the Tiverton Yacht Club and Herreshoff Museum.   He is a retired Army officer who currently works for the federal government in the homeland security and emergency response fields.   His academic background, including two Masters Degrees, is in history.  He got interested in, then researched this event, as it combines aspects of military, disaster response, maritime and local history.    


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