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Herreshoff Marine Museum America's Cup Hall of Fame
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America's Cup Hall of Fame

These are the individuals whose character, performance, and contributions have earned them the honor of induction into the America's Cup Hall of Fame. Click on the inductees' names to learn about their association with the Cup.

2013 Inductees
Lucy M. Jewett
Noel Robins
Grant Simmer

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2012 Inductees
Patrizio Bertelli
Gerard B. Lambert, Sr.
Jonathan Wright

2010 Inductees
Simon Daubney
Mike Drummond
Warwick Fleury
Halsey C. Herreshoff
Murray Jones
Dean Phipps



2009 Inductees
John Biddle
John Longley AM
Thomas Ratsey


2007 Inductees
Laurie Davidson
Bruno Trouble

2006 Inductees
Ben Lexcen
Stephen A. Van Dyck

2005 Inductees
George "Fritz" Jewett Jr.
Alan Payne
Jack Sutphen


2004 Inductees
Bradley W. Butterworth OBE
William Fife III
Henry "Hank" Coleman Haff
Thomas A. Whidden


2003 Inductees
Alan Bond
Gary Jobson

2002 Inductees
Malin Burnham
Sir Michael Fay
Stanley Z. Rosenfeld


2001 Inductees
Harry "Buddy" Melges, Jr.
Henry Sturgis Morgan
Thomas Egerton, 2nd Earl of Wilton


2000 Inductees
Edward I. du Moulin
Edwin Dennison Morgan
Tom Schnackenberg


1999 Inductees
Captain Richard "Dick" Brown
James E. Buttersworth
Sir Frank Packer


1998 Inductees
J. Burr Bartram
Baron Marcel Bich
George Steers


1997 Inductees
James L. Ashbury
William F. Carstens
Charles E. Nicholson


1996 Inductees
Sir Peter Blake
Sir Russell Coutts
Chandler Hovey
Frank J. Murdoch
General Charles J. Paine


1995 Inductees
Arthur Knapp, Jr.
Morris Rosenfeld
Henry Sears
T.O.M. Sopwith
George Lennox Watson


1994 Inductees
Edward Burgess
W. Starling Burgess
Sir James Hardy
C. Sherman Hoyt
C. Oliver Iselin
Victor A. Romagna
John Cox Stevens


1993 Inductees
Charles Francis Adams
Charlie Barr
Robert N. Bavier, Jr.
John Bertrand
Dennis Conner
Briggs S. Cunningham
William P. Ficker
Nathanael G. Herreshoff
Frederick "Ted" E. Hood
William I. Koch
Sir Thomas J. Lipton
Emil "Bus" Mosbacher
George L. Schuyler
Olin J. Stephens II
Roderick Stephens, Jr.
R. E. "Ted" Turner
Gertrude Vanderbilt
Harold S. Vanderbilt


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